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I'm so hungry I feel like crying right now.

Perks of doing my internship at an Uni and when almost all students are having their midsem break (how nice) , here I am with a couple of friends have to search here and there for any shop that can make a delivery since theres no cafe will be operated. Not to mention theres no public transport too. Only a pricey rent car.

I am a cheapskate, I know.✋

And guess what people says when I'm telling them this problem:
"Wow, boleh la kau diet."
"Kuruih laa hang pasni. Kuruih."

Seriously U guys support this kind of unhealthy way to be slim? I want to be slim and healthy. Not kebulur.

Sigh. I am disappointed.

I need this kind of meals. Thanks *sobs*


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