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Internship is suck (Part I)

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Yeah thanks for the acknowledgement *roll eyes*

I've done my internship at A company.
I admit that, for the first time I was all awkward and shy.
It's such a common situation right, guys?

But after a week, I started to feel like...nahh this company was giving me works that were not suitable and relate with my program in Uni.
Then I talked to my coordinator. I asked her to move from company A since I knew, I cannot wait and do something that cannot give me any advantage or worse, will ruin my marks.

But I tell U, she just told me to hold on and asked anything, any works that could be related with my program.
And for God's sake, there's none because the company's not a headquarter so there's no IT department there.

After a month, I kind of repeat the same works, that's not my forte and it's so boring I tell yaa.
But thank God the environment and people there are sooo nice (except for the Manager but it's okay I can manage).
They keep feeding me like I'm the homeless girl. Kah!

However, after a couple of months suffered there. After I can manage the environment, people there are more comfortable with me, my supervisor ask me to change the industrial training place because of the reasons I've told before. That moment, I feel like want to scream "What the hell?!" on their faces! How dare they do this to me! I'm so sick of their games!

But being the student, U cannot do anything either than just follow their damn order, right?!
I hate this.
But I need to finish this to get my degree.
I'm so done with all these bullshits.


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