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Newbie is aggressive.

A week ago, my friends and I went to Kuala Lumpur to join an event at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya.
Supposedly, the event was held for 2 days. But being a group of healthy teens, of course we're just joined for the first day only. Mehmehmeh 

After that, we just hang around, food hunting, movies marathon and windows shopping, food hunting again, shopping and sleep. Lol

Put that aside, I just want to share my thought about this food with u guys.
It's kind of famous. But being the Pantai Timur girl, I never had a chance to taste it.
So, my oh-so-sweet-girl friend brought us to Boat Noodles at Aeon Shah Alam and finally I got to taste it! I'm so excited since I dah lama mengidam this Boat Noodles. Hah pity me. 

We order all kind of flavors like beefs and chickens.
So, dengan harapan yang tinggi I put the noodles in my mouth and.......
Oh My God. 
I want to stay here please. Pretty please...
It's so delicious, I swear.

However, the flavors are so strong (I never tell my friends about this), I cant eat more than 4 bowls. Seriously.
Hahaha poor Ojanoja.

But as a newbie here, I can tell that Boat Noodles, you do a great job!

I miss to spend time with u guys again *cries blood*

This is the third posts for today.

Newbie is so aggressive and enthusiastic. 
We'll see after this.
If I'm still this aggressive, U guys should give me a round of applause. 
A loud one. 

*evil laugh*


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