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People who wore makeup with contact lens on tend to look prettier.

Love this!


I'm not that obsessed and pro with makeup but I'm sure have enough makeup products and tools to fix your ugly attitude!

Just kidding. Okay today lets talk about makeup since my internship's report is giving me a hard time. So, I want to forget about that damn thing for awhile.

Oh this is not about any tutorial makeup or any pro tips kinda topic.
I just wanna share my thought with U guys about, people who wore makeup, tend to look prettier or even ethereal if they put the contact lenses on too.

Do U guys agree with me?

I do not say that who doesn't wear any contact lenses are not pretty. I'm one of those people that never put any contact lens on my eyes just because of paranoid? I'm so scared if I wear contact lens, I cannot handle it with care. I kind of worry if I touch my contact-lens-on-eyes, then my eyes will get irritate and so on. I'm so jealous with people that so confident to wear contact lens. Good job guys *clapclap*.

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This is what I'm talking about.

However, we all are pretty just the way we are but since this is my blog and my topic so deal with it. *smirk*


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