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People who wore makeup with contact lens on tend to look prettier.

Love this!


I'm not that obsessed and pro with makeup but I'm sure have enough makeup products and tools to fix your ugly attitude!

Just kidding. Okay today lets talk about makeup since my internship's report is giving me a hard time. So, I want to forget about that damn thing for awhile.

Oh this is not about any tutorial makeup or any pro tips kinda topic.
I just wanna share my thought with U guys about, people who wore makeup, tend to look prettier or even ethereal if they put the contact lenses on too.

Do U guys agree with me?

I do not say that who doesn't wear any contact lenses are not pretty. I'm one of those people that never put any contact lens on my eyes just because of paranoid? I'm so scared if I wear contact lens, I cannot handle it with care. I kind of worry if I touch my contact-lens-on-eyes, then my eyes will get irritate and so on. I'm so jealous with people that so confident to wear contact lens. Good job guys *clapclap*.

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This is what I'm talking about.

However, we all are pretty just the way we are but since this is my blog and my topic so deal with it. *smirk*


My life is boring

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I wish that I can sleep 24/7.

Yeah my life is boring like that, and I don't care.


Internship is suck (Part I)

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Yeah thanks for the acknowledgement *roll eyes*

I've done my internship at A company.
I admit that, for the first time I was all awkward and shy.
It's such a common situation right, guys?

But after a week, I started to feel like...nahh this company was giving me works that were not suitable and relate with my program in Uni.
Then I talked to my coordinator. I asked her to move from company A since I knew, I cannot wait and do something that cannot give me any advantage or worse, will ruin my marks.

But I tell U, she just told me to hold on and asked anything, any works that could be related with my program.
And for God's sake, there's none because the company's not a headquarter so there's no IT department there.

After a month, I kind of repeat the same works, that's not my forte and it's so boring I tell yaa.
But thank God the environment and people there are sooo nice (except for the Manager but it's okay I can manage).
They keep feeding me like I'm the homeless girl. Kah!

However, after a couple of months suffered there. After I can manage the environment, people there are more comfortable with me, my supervisor ask me to change the industrial training place because of the reasons I've told before. That moment, I feel like want to scream "What the hell?!" on their faces! How dare they do this to me! I'm so sick of their games!

But being the student, U cannot do anything either than just follow their damn order, right?!
I hate this.
But I need to finish this to get my degree.
I'm so done with all these bullshits.


Students nowadays.

Sumber :

I am a student. Still am.
And when I found this article, I am not shocked. 
Students nowadays are so rude. I can tell. 
I do not know to who we should put the blame on?
Is it the parents?
The teachers?
Or the student him/herself.

I still remember, my teacher once told my class during 3rd grade.
She said, 

" Siapa nak pahala lebih, dia kena selalu kemas kelas bagi bersih2, padam papan hitam. Siapa lagi nak jaga kelas kita kalau bukan kita sendiri?"

And yeah, she's right.
Who else?

Kau nak belajar tempat bersih, selesa tapi kau tak nak sumbang tenaga kau fikir kau siapa? 




Newbie is aggressive.

A week ago, my friends and I went to Kuala Lumpur to join an event at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya.
Supposedly, the event was held for 2 days. But being a group of healthy teens, of course we're just joined for the first day only. Mehmehmeh 

After that, we just hang around, food hunting, movies marathon and windows shopping, food hunting again, shopping and sleep. Lol

Put that aside, I just want to share my thought about this food with u guys.
It's kind of famous. But being the Pantai Timur girl, I never had a chance to taste it.
So, my oh-so-sweet-girl friend brought us to Boat Noodles at Aeon Shah Alam and finally I got to taste it! I'm so excited since I dah lama mengidam this Boat Noodles. Hah pity me. 

We order all kind of flavors like beefs and chickens.
So, dengan harapan yang tinggi I put the noodles in my mouth and.......
Oh My God. 
I want to stay here please. Pretty please...
It's so delicious, I swear.

However, the flavors are so strong (I never tell my friends about this), I cant eat more than 4 bowls. Seriously.
Hahaha poor Ojanoja.

But as a newbie here, I can tell that Boat Noodles, you do a great job!

I miss to spend time with u guys again *cries blood*

This is the third posts for today.

Newbie is so aggressive and enthusiastic. 
We'll see after this.
If I'm still this aggressive, U guys should give me a round of applause. 
A loud one. 

*evil laugh*



I'm so hungry I feel like crying right now.

Perks of doing my internship at an Uni and when almost all students are having their midsem break (how nice) , here I am with a couple of friends have to search here and there for any shop that can make a delivery since theres no cafe will be operated. Not to mention theres no public transport too. Only a pricey rent car.

I am a cheapskate, I know.✋

And guess what people says when I'm telling them this problem:
"Wow, boleh la kau diet."
"Kuruih laa hang pasni. Kuruih."

Seriously U guys support this kind of unhealthy way to be slim? I want to be slim and healthy. Not kebulur.

Sigh. I am disappointed.

I need this kind of meals. Thanks *sobs*



If u ask me.
Why blogging?

Because I love talks to myself.
Sometimes (if not everytime) I'll create many situations and fantasies in my mind well of course I'm the main character.
I comments about all things with my dear self.
And nobody knows.
So nobody judge.

But of course, I want to share all my thoughts with U guys.
It's such a wasted if I peram it all by myself.

However, now I'm doing my internship and I want to be a dedicated student. Lol.
So till then, I gotta go.
Got jobs to be done. Sigh.