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When your best friend married her other best friend



Okay, Sorry to say but, no Trip to Penang entry yet. I want to dedicate this entry to my best friend first, who just got married a few months back.
This entry will be a little bit cringe, sappy and angst or none of above. I don't know. Don't mind me please. Hah!

I don't know how to start this. Where should I start?

Okay, I have 4 best friends from my elementary school. They are the one that I looked first if anything happened, either at school or hostel. They are the one who lend me their shoulders to cry on, lend me their ears to hear all sort of my curses and rants, and lend me their money bila time terdesak hujung bulan. Pity me. Haha Owh and they are also the people that i fought on daily basis, because we all are stubborn and all. *sigh*

This one is soo not in plan kinda photo. We just wanna take a selfie then the photographer came and snapped.
Just like that but it turned out so beautiful. Thanks bro!

I don't even know how we started our friendship. All I know is that we have been together in this  friendship for almost 8-10 years. Such a long journey and I cant believe it that I could cope up with you guys shits all this time. Seriously, why am I friend with these terrible people *crying emoji* hahaha

The one that got married is the one who always being the matured one but crazy at the same time. She is the Along for all of us and it suit her well because she is the January baby! I don't have much words to describe how proud I am to be friend with this girl. For all I know she is the genius but down to earth kinda girl that makes me think what did I do to deserve someone like her? Imma lucky one I think?

Yeah we did it in public. Hah!

I banyak belajar pasal hidup with this girl. She knows what she want in her life and I can say she did it. Studies at Japan is one of her dreams came true that makes me proud! We've been through our journey with all the breakups or heart breaks together. Lol.

She always give us hints about how she wanna get marry in 20's. How her family not supporting her decision. How we, as her friends gave fully support since we know how depressed she can be in Japan with the studies and life. And how she already found the love of her life. So why not, right?

Candid they said. So yeah.

So, 22nd July 2017 is the day when she married her other best friend. I guess she finally found someone who can calm her storm and consider all her shits. Hah! Anyway, I just hope that Epi, that guy who finally managed to hold your heart, Rose, will forever take a good care of you and your heart, forever fight for your love, forever take steps together in whatever you all want to achieve, forever learn how to tolerate each other weaknesses and be proud with each other successes, forever make sure that you got enough attention cause I know how you always need someone to rant to everyday. Till Jannah as they say guys! Amen!

Hey Epi, you better don't make this girl cry or we'll cut your balls!
K just kidding. We want niece and nephew asap okay! Haha

P/s: This entry is full of my mistakes. Grammar errors and all. Feel free to correct me. I'll accept wholeheartedly. Thanks guys!
P/s/s: 21st Oct ni aku konvo. So i don't know which one will come first. Entry Trip to Penang or My Convocation Day? *think hard*


This one is so awkward kinda pose. Or is it just me that looked awkward as hell?

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness babe.